Amir Mourad In Satsang IIIAmir Mourad is an Egyptian mystic, yogi, and spiritual teacher. Having once faced depression for several years, overwhelming fear of death, and increasing awareness of the realities of human suffering, he began his inquiries into the nature of existence. Studying the different philosophies of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Western philosophy, he quickly discovered that the gathering of external knowledge, philosophies, or belief systems is insufficient for human freedom, nor can there be happiness in the world without self-knowledge. Beginning the practice of yoga, he immediately became absorbed into the discipline. After coming to a profound awakening and a series of inner transformations during a six-year period of living as a hermit, he founded the Shunya Yoga system. Shunya Yoga is an effort to unfold the full potential of a human being leading to self-realization, bliss, inner freedom, and total absorption into the gift of life.


In this talk, Amir Mourad speaks about samatha and vipassana as the two different branches in the scienc [...]

There have been several requests to expand the schedule to include classes and events during weekdays. T [...]

In this video, Amir Mourad talks about knowledge through reason and the phenomena of “inner seeing [...]

In this talk Amir Mourad briefly speaks about superconsciousness as expanded wakefulness but with decrea [...]

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